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Congratulations with your choice to generate your CCNP certification! For a CCIE, I can tell you that Cisco certifications are both monetarily and personally gratifying.

To generate your CCNP, you 1st have 먹튀검증 to gain your CCNA certification. Then you really’re faced with a call – go ahead and take three-exam CCNP path, or the 4-Test path? They’re both of those fairly demanding, so Permit’s Have a look at Each individual route.


The 4-exam CCNP route contains the Making Scalable Cisco Internetworks exam (BSCI), Developing Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks exam (BCMSN), Building Cisco Distant Access Networks (BCRAN), and Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT) Test.

The a few-Test route combines the BSCI and BCMSN examinations into a single Examination, known as the Composite Examination.

I’m usually requested what get I recommend using the examinations in. Immediately after earning your CCNA, I recommend you start learning for the BSCI exam quickly. You will discover the fundamentals you learned inside your CCNA studies can help you a먹튀검증 terrific take care of this exam. You’re gonna add in your CCNA knowledgebase quite a bit when it comes to OSPF and EIGRP, in addition to currently being released to BGP.

I don’t Have a very preference among the BCMSN and BCRAN exams, but I do advocate you go ahead and take CIT exam last. You’ll be employing all the talents you realized in the 1st three exams to pass the CIT. It’s an extremely demanding exam, and it’s a bit tough to troubleshoot technologies that you simply haven’t learned however!

The CCNP is both of those financially and personally satisfying. As you complete your CCNA research, get just a little breather and afterwards get started on your CCNP experiments. The greater you understand, the greater worthwhile you are in these days’s at any time-modifying IT job current market.